Thursday, September 17, 2009

The world is working in an opposite manner

Everything seems to be in a opposite manner, the one you miss sososososo much and wish he would be they jus the moment you certifice yourself breaking down, he will never be here no matter how hard you pray he could be they n hug you and make things better. Even the slightest cure as chatting on the phone jus to make things better also hard to reach as you need to endure it all by yourself, i hate being this depress for so freaking long.....and goin into the exam hall make my foot heavy and sitting in it was like waiting every single second to pass-by. GOSH i need a BLACKOUT now !!!!! not during 3 days before performance management. The one should understand and be here standby your side did not even understand a single bit but the one who was not even close to you and we were just barely friends understand throughly as she was walking in your shoes and feel your mind and sense your heart ache that happen so frequent till you do not even bother to care about it anymore. I dun feel like going back home as looking at mom make me feel f**k up rotten and through their eyes i felt dissappointment. I dun wanna stay in my room in kampar as it make me feel disgust with all the books and notes everywhere and it was so dirty and i was too lazy to clean. Can anyone tell me which room who had internet access ( so i can watch Big Bang TV ) and rot inside the room without eating, putting on make-up, changing my clothes and someone wash my hair. I jus want to hug baby and sleep

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Now i feel effin rotten, the most rotten things can happen atlast happen to i was like at the bottom of everything

Monday, August 31, 2009

MY Love......

You are......................

this always happen to me, i was always stuck half way when i wanna use any words to describe you, i dunno how to fill up those blank for a long time. Once thought that you :-

  1. My walking lip balm ( which was u still are)
  2. My tissue provider ( seems weird and u also did not bring tissue often .......cannot lah)
  3. My heartbeat ( it seems cheesy....hehehehehe)
  4. My dear ( too common ............ )

Last week i found out what you are at last. YOU ARE A DROP FROM HEAVEN which i think it is cheesy too lah, if sherry see this she will say the entire post is CHEESY . But you are lah dear

  1. You make me feel better in everything
  2. You make me feel what love is
  3. You bring joy
  4. You bring laughter
  5. You make me chuck everyone for you
  6. You make my heart skip every time i see you
  7. You make me feel lively as you fill everything with colours
  8. You make me feel that this heart are here to stay

You are my miracle and a drop from heaven, as you make me understand what is love is, the pass month been amazing as it was in a dream that i do not want to wake up and stay in the dream forever. I think i am on a spell bedazzled by you as what baby say hehehehe but i dun mind make me feel like sticking my lips on ur face 24/7 ,

You are always my love. I remember every single bit about you and me. Since I met you, you revolve around my world. You made my world brand new and covered it with love dear. If I were to write a book on me and you, I will tell the world how much you mean to me. Thank you dear for everything. I am who I am today its because of you dear. You tought me how to stand on my feet. You also taught me to love and to be loved. I miss you and the way you talk to me.

Dear, I love you. I cannot find another word to describe my love to you. Although you are not often physically here by my side, somehow I feel your presence. You're just like the air that I breathe. Dear, I don't know since when you have changed. I lost my self and I lost you at the same time. Where were you when I was gasping for air? used to be right here. You left, bringing along my hope and the salvation that you had given to me. I am abandoned here, dead and alone in my world that is now lifeless. Now i wish i was snow white

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Carmen ask " what is loyalty "

What is loyalty in a relationship?

loyalty is "a faithfulness to a cause. Loyalty also means devotion, dependent. and honest to one person or thing " this been define in wikipedia .
the above was jus a guide line on what loyalty is, i still remember i had a conversation about this with mom when i was small
mom: " if a men is not loyal then you had to dump him in the dustbin , must dump fast fast "
me : " but mom, which dustbin"
mom: " the DBI one, cos it will dirty our house dustbin, if you throw him here"
me : " ok ^^ "

List of disloyal things that a men can do :-

  1. He make out with other girls
  2. He lie to you
  3. He kisses other girls
  4. He had a relationship with other girls ( that gal must be a bitch ........ if she know he had a galfren then she is alsolutelynodoubt a pure bitch)
  5. He is obsess with other girls
  6. etc ( you name it)
  7. etc ( you name it)
  8. etc ( you name it)
  9. etc (you name it)
  10. etc ( you name it)
My list of disloyalty
  1. He had a relationship with other girls
  2. He kiss everybody
  3. He did not come and see you
  4. He go out with other girls
  5. He hold other gals.........exp : " let me teach you how to swing the golf stick, you should spread you leg more...yes and lower your hips and etc etc " ( if me i will swing the golf stick to his bio organ that is most fragile and laugh wickedly) sorry mine me ^^v
  6. He did not go out with you
  7. He is afraid that you touch ( u know only touch , n i repeat touch ) his handphone
  8. He had alot of super duper low class bitchy friends
  9. He drink alot ( as once a person is drunk he will unleash their barbarian nature )
  10. He sweet talk you alot........ exp : " i will love you forever" ( alah tipu lah, how he know what will happen 10 years from now)
  11. He never think he is wrong....... exp : " no i am not wrong, i jus text that woman and ask her out to a concert alone...alah darling open minded little bit lah " ( this is totally wrong )
  12. He make alot of excuses ........... exp : " i am sick and having high fever" ( but actually playing wii sports with other girls ) that was pure stupidity
  13. He say forever me and you only.......exp : ( usually had makna tersirat which was " forever me go out and get other women and you stay home with the babies ")
  14. He did not come on time .......exp : " darling i need to be a little bit late and you can hear a woman voice in the background cos blah....blah...blah " ( you will be focusing on the background voice so much till you hurt your ears )

when this happen then just walk off

don't talk ( cos you will be crying and that bitch will be laughing) , don't stare at her ( cos she know she win) , don't slap him ( slap dun feel your pain but kick his private part ) <---------------------- this apply when they was a woman they ,if not then serve yourself


In my heart, no matter what happen they are still a men who will give me
unconditional love , he will always be there no matter what happen to you,
he will never walk off from you, he will always be loyal to you,
he will always borrow you him shoulder and feel free to wet his versace,
if something bad happen he will always there to support me and held me up,

he will stay loyal and in love with you, from this

to this, and he dun mind how you look

He is my daddy............... carmen say " DADDY I LOVE YOU and i will always be your little princess"

P/S : he summore let me choose what car to buy leh, and also give me alot of pocket money and mom dun be jealous I LOVE YOU ALOT too and read this to dad , thank you

Why i hate FB sometimes

  • you will get addicted to it

  • you will see alot of people being in a relationship switch to be single when they argue with their boyfren/galfren
  • Worst thing is they switch back when they patch up ><.............. ( it seems like the only place to declare your relationship status ) is confusing you know

  • Your fren will tell you that your profile picture is boring because -----------> you did not upload your latest picture and they are so eager to see your latest hair style

  • People will tag you on picture where you look horrible with make up that had smudge
  • And you feel malu ( i mean malu malu ) to remove tag

  • You can see how your boyfren flirt wit gals and your galfren tackle boys.......^^

this is the general one

why i hate friends for sales :-

  • it is hard

  • fill with numbers ( rules : games with numbers is not fun)

  • People only buy pretty gals, then what happen to the non pretty one ? they will had very very low value or they will secretly instant message their friend and ask the to buy them as a flavor
  • when you are rich in friends for sales then alot of ppl will instant message you and ask you to buy them
  • I dunno how to buy ok <3
  • Gals had a possessive nature , they will buy their boy and if ppl purchase their buy, they need to buy back and ask everyone not to rampas ..... " dun buy my boy ok, he is mine"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Introducing MOMO. Momo stay next to my room 2 years back, she is bubbly and laugh alot ( i mean alot alot alot). She is the best shopping companion you ever wish for, she does not lie like everyone else, telling you that you look nice, pretty and hot in that grandma cardigan. MOMO help me and accompany me to do most of the things in my life.

This is what she d0:-

  • Doing all my dirty dishes ( +10)
  • Cook for me (+5)
  • Nag at me ( - 20 )
  • Go to see sunrise with me (+30)
  • Camwhore ( we look like gothic dolly with those make up) (+ 5)
  • Be my personal drive. ( + 15)
  • Make me pizza ( heart shape summore ) dun be jealous people ^^ (+ 50)

This is what i do :

  • Whine (-10)
  • Cry and make her pampered me (- 10)
  • Make her eat burger in the middle of the night ( - 20) she was so reluctant cos it make her fat
  • Use her nail polish ( -5)
  • Listen to her frustration (+ 50) cos she will make me frustrate too
  • Did not buy her Christmas present ( - 20)
  • Make her make my blog layout (-10)
  • Clean her room ( + 99) it need alot of wit, patient to do it.....normal people cannot do it

momo = 95 , me = 75 ................... see !! she still score better no matter what, cos she is the best heheheheheheh

we had different taste in guys <3

This is Kim Hyun Jung and MOMO
think he is cute and charming BUT!!
isn't he look better........ AGREE ?

Me says : babe ( momo) no matter what we will always be BFF, you fill my life with joy and
laughter ,tolerating me and doing my dishes..........knowing you is a blessing and being
friends with you is a gift. Thank you for everything that you had done *hugs hugs*

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Babe i start blogging, but dunno what to write hehhehehhehe........
this is what happen that day in momoko house
carmen: " wah! babe blog also ada bitch fight ah ?"
momoko: " yes babe, u see this n see what they write "
carmen: " ei, i also wanna to blog....."
momoko: " ok, start lah ^^"